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These 8 Signs that you’re over your ex mean that you have a serious problem and the relationship is not going to make it. The problem with the relationship isn’t the details, it’s the total lack of respect that you have for your ex. You are just as guilty for not giving your ex enough respect as the both of you were. Here are the reasons why you’re not getting back together with your ex and what you can do about it.

You don’t respect your ex This is one of the biggest problems when a couple is broken up. You act as though they aren’t important and that you don’t care about them. It’s understandable that you do this but you need to stop it right now. If you act like you don’t care, your ex is going to notice. They will notice how much attention you’re giving them and how detached you are from them.

You blame your ex You will start to believe all of the rumors that are going around and start to blame your ex for everything that goes wrong in your life. You will even accuse them of saying mean things behind your back. Your ex will feel like they can trust you less and they will start to doubt you. You will also have a hard time relaxing around your ex.

You get depressed You will actually start to depression over the whole situation. You won’t care about anything and will spend a lot of time in your room just crying. You will also tend to miss out on everything because you’re so upset at your ex. You need to get yourself together and you need to get your emotions under control.

You try to win them back You will be calling your ex constantly trying to get them back into your life. You will make false promises to them and you will try to use your body to convince them that they should come back. You need to realize that they already went through a lot of pain is what’s keeping you here right now.

These are the main signs of someone who is over their ex. You need to take action quickly before you get into a relationship with them. If you are in a relationship already then it may be too late. You need to start off by getting away from the person that’s hurting you and make sure that you get your life together.

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