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Boeing, based in Chicago, Illinois, is the largest aircraft manufacturing company in the world. It has annual revenue of $93 billion and employs nearly 200,000 people around the world. United Technologies, located in suburban Philadelphia, is the second largest airline company and has annual revenue of $59 billion. It operates in four business areas. Another major aircraft manufacturer is Honeywell International, Inc., based in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

The two largest companies in the aviation industry are Boeing and Airbus. Boeing, which is also a defense contractor, ranks second in revenue behind Airbus and is the biggest supplier of military aircraft in the world. Although Boeing receives high subsidies and tax breaks as a government contractor, it also produces approximately 380 commercial aircraft each year. While this company faces stiff competition from Boeing, new suppliers of commercial aircraft are beginning to gain a foothold. For example, Comac and Mitsubishi are developing new wide-body jets, while Russian’s UAC is working on a joint venture.

Other major manufacturers of airplanes include Lockheed Martin Corporation, Textron, Boeing Company, and Gulfstream Aerospace. Some companies are more innovative than others, but the competition has led to significant advances in technology. During the past several years, Lockheed Martin and Boeing have increased fuel efficiency and developed stealth features for their fighter jets. These developments have allowed the company to become the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, and they now employ over a million people worldwide.

Besides Boeing, Airbus is the third largest. It manufactures a range of aircraft, including helicopters, turboprop and piston airplanes. Its subsidiaries L-3 Technologies, meanwhile, specialize in electro-optical/infrared systems, mission operators, and special-mission aircraft modification. Its business jet, the Gulfstream 737, and its large-scale airliners have shaped the air transportation industry.

Boeing, with annual revenues of $21 billion, is the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer. It is located in Seattle, Kansas and Dayton, Ohio. It has a global reach. Its aircraft division specializes in military and civilian aeroplanes. Its subsidiary, EADS, designs and produces rockets. Its headquarters are in Paris. EADS is the most well-known of the major airplane manufacturing companies, and it is the largest aerospace company.

GE Aviation is one of the largest aerospace manufacturers. Its 737 jet is the most popular aircraft in the world. Its newest aircraft, the A380, competes with the Boeing 737 for market share. Dassault Aviation is a subsidiary of the Dassault Group, which makes military planes and 3D CAD/CAM engineering systems. These are not the only companies that produce airliners.

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